International Office and International School Investigation and research
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In order to learn from the advanced practices and valuable experience from other university and better to do the Sino-foreign cooperatively-run schools, "14th five year plan" and study in China, International Office and International School have carried out investigation.

On October 21st,Vice President Feng Jun led a team of five people to visit Yanshan University. Vice president Chen Guoqiang of Yanshan University, received the delegation and the meeting conducted extensive exchanges on Sino-foreign cooperatively-run schools, overseas schools, international affairs management, international student enrollment, education and teaching.


On October 22nd, Director Tian Qingbao led a team to Wenzhou Medical University to conduct an in-depth exchange on the specific affairs of Sino-foreign cooperatively-run schools, and jointly discussed the work of MBBS major in China.


On October 26th, Vice president Feng Jun presided over the summary meeting of the investigation work. Director Tian Qingbao and Deputy Director Yu Hong, Party Sectary Yu Shuhong, Vice Dean He Wantao, Vice Dean Zhang Guozhong and other relevant personnel reported on recent investigation results, combined with the work of our university and further analyzed the existing gaps and shortcomings, and made clear the goal of future efforts.

At the meeting, Vice President Feng stressed that it is necessary to further study the good experience in foreign affairs work and overseas education management in China and continuously improve our work.

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