Online Biennial Conference of 2020 Singapore Asian Nursing Scholarship (ANS) Program
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On the morning of October 27th, Chinese Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange held the 2020 Singapore Asian Nursing Scholarship (ANS) Program Biennial Online Conference. Tian Qingbao, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, and teacher Wu Wei, the project leader, attended the online meeting. The meeting was hosted by Ming Tingxi, Director of the International Office of Chinese Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange. Leaders from the Ministry of Health of Singapore, Ministry of Education of China, the Holding Company of the Ministry of Health in Singapore(MOHH) and representatives from eight Chinese universities which are responsible for admission attended the event.


Ai Hongge, Deputy Director of Chinese Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange, gave a welcome speech. Lee Deqi, Deputy Director of the Department of Human Resources Planning and Strategy, Ministry of Health of Singapore, introduced the future prospects of Singapore's health-care system and the history of ANS scholarships. Zhou Guoliang, consultant from the Undergraduate Admissions Office of the Department of College Students, Ministry of Education of China, briefly introduced this year's college entrance examination selection work. Zheng Han, deputy director of the Asian and African Division of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of the Ministry of Education of China, emphasized the announcements during dispatching procedure of this project in her speech. Karman Yuen, deputy director of the department of human resource of MOH Holdings, elaborated the ANS admissions work arrangements for 2020 to the representatives, especially the online interview process. Representatives from universities discussed and communicated with each other on related issues.

Teacher Wu Wei, the project leader from our university, made a statement as representative. He reviewed the history of the establishment of Hebei Medical University and international cooperation and exchanges, and introduced the working experience of our university's participation in this project for more than 20 years. With the strong assistance of our students who are dispatched to Singapore through this project, in order to promote the cooperation and exchanges of higher medical education in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei universities, after repeatedly communication and discussion with Singapore Temasek International Foundation and Singapore Ngee Ann Polytechnic, a total of 80 nursing teachers, clinical teachers and nursing management staff went to Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore for professional training in 4 batches. Up to now, our school has dispatched nearly 700 nursing students to study and work in Singapore. These students study and work hard in Singapore and have been praised by the local medical institution. They have contributed to the healthy development of Singapore and play an active role in the promotion of the global health-care industry.

Translated by: Niu Jing

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