The International Cooperation and Exchange Division is the central management department of the university's foreign affairs. It is responsible for the oversea exchanges of the school faculty and students and the international cooperation with foreign institutions.

Since 1986, we have established partnerships with 32 universities and institutions in 12 countries, including Japan, the United States, Ireland, Russia, Belgium, South Korea, Australia, Kyrgyz, etc. We actively cooperate with our partners and carry out exchange activities within a wide range. By fully implementing "the Chun Miao Plan", we select outstanding teachers and students to visit oversea colleges and universities in the United States, Japan, etc. for academic and cultural exchanges, and meanwhile we provide funds for the outstanding undergraduates who attend the exchange programs; we invite well-known professors from friendly colleges and universities to give lectures, welcome excellent teachers and students to come to our school and affiliated hospitals for communication and clinical apprenticeships; we open summer schools to attract outstanding teachers and students from all over the world to study in our school and explore the long history and culture of China; we select outstanding teachers to go overseas to attend academic conferences, training and other academic exchanges to broaden their international horizons. We have carried out the Singapore Nursing Scholarship Program for 20 consecutive years, and we select outstanding students to continue their study at Nanyang Polytechnic and Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore each year. 

We will continue to increase cooperation and exchanges with foreign institutions, to strive for breakthroughs in cooperative education, Confucius Institutes, and to seek for better teaching resources to promote the talent quality in our university.



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